Host should be running a public Gate server.

Testing from browser

Executing greet function of WebAssembly module /ipfs/QmUihSZckeeMvjhUe464adXf75STXpYYuPsfg3x1MpcnNK.

The server call is made anonymously.

Anonymous usage with curl

Upload and execute (module hash must be supplied in URL):

$ curl -o hello.wasm $ curl -X PUT -H "Content-Type: application/wasm" --data-binary @hello.wasm -L "" hello, world

Execute by IPFS hash:

$ curl -X POST -L "" hello, world

Command line client with identity support

Manage resources bound to a public key (requires Go, Git and OpenSSH keygen):

$ go get $ PATH=$(go env GOPATH)/bin:$PATH $ ssh-keygen -t ed25519 -f key $ gate -o identityfile=key launch ./hello.wasm greet 01234567-89ab-odef-0123-456789abcdef $ gate -o identityfile=key io 01234567-89ab-cdef-0123-456789abcdef hello, world $ gate -o identityfile=key instances 01234567-89ab-odef-0123-456789abcdef HALTED with result 0 $ gate -o identityfile=key modules e1e6fa2ea2a2a5f9ad32ca9fb78cb6e50cdf12876c4b75ae1a48d20a4a769f5e $ gate -o identityfile=key call e1e6fa2ea2a2a5f9ad32ca9fb78cb6e50cdf12876c4b75ae1a48d20a4a769f5e greet hello, world

Key defaults to ~/.ssh/id_ed25519.